Performance Polymers

Performance Polymers possess superior chemical, mechanical and physical properties, especially beyond ambient conditions. They are typically used as multi-component polymeric systems consisting of various polymers, reinforcements and additives. 

The research focus of the Performance Polymers Programme is on enhancing the performance of advanced polymeric systems, by combining Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Science, using state-of-the art modelling and characterisation tools. This leads to a better understanding and predicting of the "structure versus performance" relation and of the lifetime of the performance polymers, and contributes to the design of new/improved performance materials of the future. The knowledge generated through this programme provides opportunities for responding to the new sustainability challenges. Especially for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, oil & gas transport, energy and construction industrial sectors.

Focus areas

Advanced modelling & experimental strategies for enhanced durability & performance
·       Surface treatment for enhanced polymer performance
·       Composites fatigue: prediction of damage and correlation to lifetime
·       Impact mechanisms in polymer composites
·       Extending durability / lifetime of performance polymers
·       Advances in solid-state NMR for polymeric systems

Processing – Structure – Performance relationship
·       Flow instability and processing of filled polymeric melts
·       Linking rheology to the molecular and macroscopic structure of polymers

Polymers for electronics and energy storage/transportation
·       Informed design of electrically conductible composites
·       Polymers and composites under high voltage conditions
·       Polymers as high-barrier materials for gas (H2) storage/transportation
·       Polymers for solid state batteries

Recycling / Reprocessing / Recovery of performance polymers
·       Reversible bonds for re-use/recycling of composites and thermosets
·       Composites recycling / re-processing

Alternative resources for performance polymers
·        Bio-based polyamides
·        CO2 derived polymers

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