Shaping polymer innovation

Welcome to DPI, a global platform for collaboration in the field of polymer research. We’re a catalyst that propels industry-led, pre-competitive research of the highest scientific quality. In the dynamic polymer science community, we are the bridge connecting business and academia, to create a strong international network of industry experts and scientists.

We bring scientific groups from top universities and leading companies from relevant industries together, to work on subjects of mutual interest. The main aim? To pioneer groundbreaking innovation in polymer science and create sustainable solutions for long term challenges.

What sets us apart is our revolutionary concept. By pooling resources, companies participating in DPI can meet their ongoing research needs cost-effectively. At the same time they also address challenges that extend beyond their individual research and innovation portfolios, both within and across value chain segments.

DPI research projects are carried out by leading polymer science groups globally and guided by industrial experts of the participating companies. Over the past 25 years, our collective efforts have led to inspiring results. We’ve enabled more than 1000 DPI projects, involving over 1500 brilliant researchers, 60 visionary companies and 90 esteemed research institutions. Together we have produced a staggering 2,500 publications and supported the completion of 320 PhD theses.

What we do