How we work

DPI facilitates both Fundamental research and Industrial research projects.

Fundamental research

The fundamental programmes come alive as research challenges, defined by the participating industrial partners, are translated by DPI into compelling scientific questions. We invite the most suitable academic groups to propose their ideas on tackling these questions, until the proof-of-concept stage. The industrial partners pick the most promising ideas to receive grants for further research. They also remain involved throughout, closely following and guiding the scientific output of the project.

DPI masterfully aligns industrial interests and manages the whole process - from defining industrial needs to creating and monitoring relevant research projects. As orchestrators, we take care of the day-to-day coordination, while the companies can concentrate their time and efforts on implementing the knowledge gained.

Industrial research 

The industrial research projects are specially initiated by DPI, outside of our Fundamental Programmes. Together with industrial and research partners, DPI drives innovation within the value chain. The industrial research projects focus on the further advancement of an innovation and every partner plays an active role. These projects offer companies and research institutes the opportunity to form consortia and to execute innovation activities beyond the proof-of-concept level.

We actively assist in fostering the collaboration and seamlessly coordinating the projects. Our model framework serves as a blueprint for this process, while the members of the consortium have the autonomy to customize and agree upon the detailed rules of the project.

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