Partners: Knowledge Institutes

For the past many years DPI’s activities have helped to boost academic research in polymer science. DPI’s industry-defined research programmes offer knowledge institutes the opportunity to link up with industrial research and remain up-to-date on current research needs of industry. Being a partner of DPI enables these groups to build new competences or enhance existing competences in fields that are relevant to industry. For the researchers involved in the projects, working at the interface of industry and academia means gaining experience in working to both academic and industry standards and requirements.

In the interests of its industrial partners, DPI always selects the best possible academic groups to carry out its research projects. Knowledge institutes participating in DPI therefore become part of an active international community consisting of the world’s leading universities and research institutions in the field of polymer chemistry, polymer physics and polymer processing. With its chain-of-knowledge approach, DPI integrates the scientific disciplines and competences of its academic partners to maximise knowledge utilisation.