Yi Jiang designated ‘cum laude' for PhD thesis & wins poster award at DPD 2016

14 March 2016

On 4 March DPI researcher Yi Jiang defended his thesis entitled ‘Enzymatic polymerization of biobased polyesters and polyamides' at the University Groningen under supervision of Professor Katja Loos. He received the designation ‘cum laude' for his outstanding scientific work and defense of his thesis.

In addition, he won the price for the best poster presented in the field of chemistry at the Dutch Polymer Days 2016 just the week after. Yi Jiang conducted his research in the scope of the DPI fellowship awarded to Katja Loos in 2009.

In this research, Yi Jiang investigated the enzymatic polymerization of different combinations of (potential) biobased monomers under mild conditions, using Novozym® 435 (an immobilized form of Candida antarctica lipase b (CALB)) as the biocatalyst. The monomers used were aliphatic diacids and diesters, aliphatic diols and polyols, furan monomers and aliphatic diamines. Novozym® 435 was chosen over other lipases, as it possesses a broad substrate specificity, stable performance and tolerates diverse conditions. He succeeded in preparing various biobased polymers including saturated aliphatic polyesters, unsaturated aliphatic polyesters, furan polyesters and furan polyamides.

Link to PhD thesis :