Towards (more) valorization of research

9 September 2009

Eindhoven, DPI has signed a contract with the DPI Value Centre regarding the valorization of research. Although the main goal of DPI’s research program is not to build up a large patent portfolio, this academic research with a focus on industry needs has – already since the early days of DPI - led to many inventions that resulted in a patent application (and some granted patents). The first claimants to this intellectual property (IP) are the partner companies of the technology areas where the invention was created and the knowledge institute involved. In case the partners don’t see a fit with their own business and show no interest in purchasing a patent application, parties outside the DPI community could be approached to further explore business opportunities.   

That is where the DPI Value Centre steps in. They will select the most promising technologies and investigate business opportunities in order to make a deal with a company who will further develop and commercialize the technology created within the DPI research program. In order to facilitate this, DPI and DPI Value Centre have now signed an “Evaluation License and Option Agreement” giving DPI Value Centre the exclusive right to evaluate and test the technologies and, upon positive evaluation, purchase it from DPI. Currently DPI Value Centre is using it’s license to investigate business opportunities in the areas of liquid crystal applications and the catalysis of polyolefins.   

The DPI Value Centre is –together with DPI- one of the main executors of the Polymer Innovation Programme of the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs. DPI Value Centre is an independent foundation with as main goal to help companies with innovations related to polymers. For example by giving (start-up) companies advice in technology development, new business creation and managing a patent portfolio. It is linked to the Dutch Polymer Institute amongst others to share a mutual network and knowledge base. Their main target group are small- and medium sized companies.

Jacques Joosten (DPI) and Arie Brouwer (DPI Value center)