Successful organisation of DPI Research Training Course in Polyolefins (RTC-PO) in Porto Alegre, Brazil

3 December 2013

Following the Fundamental Module of DPI RTC-PO, Block 1 (Chemistry / Catalysis / Polymer Microstructure) in Sorrento, Italy in October this year, the same course was held on 11-14 November at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The course was attended by research staff from the industrial DPI participants Braskem and Petrobras and the academic DPI partners UFRGS and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

Picture-PO-course.jpgThe course met with great success as reflected by the active and enthusiastic participation of the course participants (>30). Professor Vincenzo Busico, one of the course leaders, stated : "I really enjoyed the participation of so many highly motivated students, and having the lectures in an academic environment was, in my opinion, beneficial and instrumental to creating the right spirit and atmosphere".
Dr. Antonio Carlos Quental of Braskem , who was overseeing the local organisation of the course in Brazil with his colleague Marcia Silva Lacerda Miranda, declared: "On behalf of Braskem and all students, Marcia and I would like to thank for the wonderful classes. During these days we built new relationships and this course really opens new opportunities".
Professor Henri Schrekker from UFGRS mentioned: "I'm pleased I could contribute a little to the realisation of the first DPI course outside Europe".

Picture-PO-course-1.jpgThis success reflects once again the opportunities of the DPI expertise network in Polyolefins to raise scientific understanding, technology awareness and identify new research areas and opportunities for both the industrial and academic participants. The possibility to extend the initiative to the Applied Module of the same Block is already being considered.