Saudi Aramco and Kingfa partner up with DPI

Saudi Aramco and Kingfa partner up with DPI

20 January 2020

Two more companies have joined forces with DPI: the Saudi Aramco Technologies Company (Aramco Tech) and the Chinese advanced materials company Kingfa. These new partnerships bring DPI’s industrial partner base to a total of 20 participations. 

Internationally recognised collaboration platform
With over twenty years of experience in managing industry-defined pre-competitive research programmes, DPI is a recognised name in the world of polymer research. Dr. Jacques Joosten, Managing Director of DPI: ‘We are proud to welcome Aramco Tech and Kingfa as our new industrial partners. Their participation reaffirms DPI’s reputation as a leading international platform for collaborative research. We look forward to our successful collaboration with both new partners.’

Performance Polymers programme
Both Aramco Tech and Kingfa have signed up for DPI’s Performance Polymers research programme, bringing the number of industrial partners in the programme to nine. The programme seeks to generate knowledge needed to enhance the performance of polymeric systems, to gain a better understanding of the structure versus performance relationship on all length scales and to help create opportunities for responding to the new sustainability challenges posed to the industrial sectors of automotive, aerospace, electronics, oil & gas transport and construction. With their broad business portfolios and strong scientific expertise, Saudi Aramco and Kingfa fit very well in DPI’s Performance Polymers programme.

Dr. Ihsan Al-Taie, Chief Technologist Nonmetallic application division at Aramco: ‘Recognising the need for solving grand challenges in the non-metallic domain is to establish strong collaborations with Key industries and academia in this area. For this reason, AramcoTech has joined DPI as a platform that brings academia and industries together through a robust, and comprehensive framework.’

Dr. Xianbo Huang, Chief Technology Officer at Kingfa Science & Technology Company: ‘We take DPI as a window for Chinese companies to understand Europe, and Europe to understand Chinese companies, especially private enterprises. Also, we take DPI as a platform for close cooperation between industry and academia to jointly advance polymer technology.’

The DPI Performance Polymers programme currently consists of 14 projects executed by 12 universities across Europe, involving 22 PhDs and Postdocs.