Prof.dr. Ulrich Schubert winner Pieter Jan Lemstra Invention Award

21 July 2009

At the European Polymer Congress 2009 in Graz (Austria), Professor dr. Ulrich S. Schubert of the Eindhoven University of Technology and Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena is granted with the Pieter Jan Lemstra Invention Award of the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI). This award is granted to the researcher who has significantly contributed to the development of polymer technology in Europeand who has enabled scientific knowledge to be quickly converted into industrial applications.    

 Dr. ir. Jacques Joosten, Managing Director of DPI: “Ulrich Schubert is a very important scientist for the polymer world. During the period that this award covers, 10 patent applications are filed in his name. His inventions attract a lot of interest from partner companies. Some of the projects have led to new business opportunities currently being explored. We also recognize Prof. Schubert for his role in the development of high-throughput experimentation.”    

The Dutch Polymer Institute inaugurated the 2-yearly prize to honor its founder and very first director, Professor Pieter Jan Lemstra. Due in part to his network, collaborative public-private partnerships have been developed, which are still a driving force within the Dutch Polymer Institute. In addition, Pieter Jan Lemstra was at the birth of many initiatives in the polymer sector, such as Kunststoffenhuis, Polymer Technology Group Eindhoven, the Rolduc Polymer conference, the Polymer Technology Netherlands research school, the European Polymer Federation, the community and the E-polymers website.

Ulrich Schubert and Pieter Jan Lemstra