Polyolefins: five new projects

16 April 2018

Five new projects have been approved within the area Polyolefins. DPI prides itself on selecting only research projects to be executed in best of class academic groups at universities worldwide on behalf of its industrial partners.

Recently approved projects:

Prof. Weckhuysen (University of Utrecht), Prof. Groppo (University of Turin)
Multiscale investigation of ethylene polymerization catalysts

Prof. Busico, Prof. De Rosa, Prof. Grizutti (University of Naples)
An inter-disciplinary high throughput approach 

Prof. Peters (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Macroscopic properties of i-PP composites from fiber-matrix interactions

Dr. McKenna (University of Lyon), Prof. Tervoort (ETH Zürich)
Control of crystallization, chain entanglement and rheology

Dr. Kühnert (Leibnitz Institut fur Polymerforschung, Dresden), Prof. Androsch (University Halle/Wittenberg)
Process induced crystallization vs mechanical properties in injection molded i-PP