Polymer Innovation Programme

4 August 2007

On 10 October 2007 the Polymer Innovation Programme (the business plan of the Dutch Polymer Institute, DPI) will be discussed by the Strategic Advisory Committee (Commissie Rinnooy Kan) of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The programme is part of the overall business plan for Chemistry, one of the key innovation areas selected by the Dutch Innovation Platform. If the programme is approved, DPI will be able to continue its research in the field of polymers until at least 2015. The approval decision is expected at the end of October.

Approval of research programmes

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the DPI Supervisory Board have agreed the DPI budget for 2008, enabling the DPI Executive Board to approve some 30 projects. Three calls for research proposals (High Throughput Experimentation, Corporate Research and Bio-Inspired) will be published shortly (August/September).


For almost all approved projects, DPI's partner knowledge institutes are looking for researchers (PhD, Postdocs) specialized in various areas of polymer science. Please contact our research partners if you would like to join the DPI research programme. An overview of the vacancies will be published on our website.

Plastic Electronics

The DPI management has decided to sell DPI's Plastic Electronics pilot line (the Orgatron) because there has been little interest in projects to be executed on this line.