NWO-Talent Classes

14 January 2008

More than a 1,000 researchers have already participated in the NWO Talent Days, since we have started organizing them in 2003. Most participants clearly indicated to have a need for a follow-up, with more in-depth and personalized information. We received a lot of positive and enthusiastic reactions from the participants, and also many requests for continuing with these Talent Classes.

On 22 April, 20 May and 17 June 2008 we will have NWO-Talent Classes and you are invited to participate. Registration starts 17 December 2007. Here's your chance to get professional training and advice against a reduced fee. Please check the website for registration and information.


The masterclasses take up one full day and deal with one of the following issues. The masterclasses are in Dutch, unless indicated otherwise. If you don't speak Dutch, but would like to participate in a Dutch-spoken workshop, let us know by sending an email to'+'@'+' Indicate your name, email address and workshop of choice, and the organisation will do its best to respect your wish.

  • Marketing yourself effectively, whatever your career aspirations, how do you communicate your existing skills and experiences to set yourself apart from the competition?
  • People, politics and power, on exploring your situation and identifying the next steps to improve your impact and build success;
  • Networking, on the do's and don'ts of networking and the importance of a good network for your career;
  • Media training, on presenting research results to media and the general public and dealing with unexpected questions;
  • Funding, on writing a successful grant proposal and increasing your chances of getting selected;
  • Creative thinking, on how you can step out of the box and find innovative solutions to take your research hurdles;
  • Negotiating, on how to gain the most out of different situations and also maintain your relation with different parties;
  • Write it Right, on writing a structured scientific article with good use of titles, graphics and technical English.

Registration, fee and direct debit mandate

Registration for the June and September Talent classes starts 17 December 2007. You can register on to participate in the masterclasses. Please note that your participation in this Talent Class is only confirmed if we receive your direct debit mandate on time! The registration fee is € 95.00. We would strongly advice you to register soon after the start, since the number of places available is limited and registration will be closed for fully booked masterclasses.

Value for money

Registration costs for the ‘Talent Classes' are low compared to other - commercial - training courses. Still, quality is guaranteed with the set up of the masterclasses. The masterclasses are supervised by professional trainers. Each expert has put together an interactive program of presentations, tests and assignments that help you find solutions for your challenges.

For whom?

If you're a researcher at PhD or postdoc level you can register for one of the masterclasses. It is not required that you previously participated in one of the Talent Days.

Place and time

The masterclasses of 2007 will take place at NWO in The Hague on the following dates:

- 22 April
- 20 May
- 17 June

More information: