New Scientific Director DPI

4 December 2008


The appointment was announced today of Professor Martien Cohen Stuart (PhD) as Scientific Director of the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI). As of 1 January 2009 he will be responsible for monitoring and expanding the position that DPI has gained for the scientific quality of its polymer research.

Martien Cohen Stuart, professor of physical chemistry and colloid science at the Wageningen University and Research Centre, will be the primary point of contact for DPI for the Scientific Reference Committee that is charged by the Supervisory Board of DPI with quality assurance. His main task will be to lead the long-term research programme of the Polymer Innovation Programme, including tracking new developments in the field of polymer science and technology.

New developments
Martien Cohen Stuart will assume responsibility for the entire scientific quality of the polymer research that is coordinated by DPI. He will be working closely with the Scientific Chairmen on a variety of technology areas between which Cohen Stuart will be the link, also in terms of laying relationships with other categories of materials. Polymer science is at the dawn of a number of key developments, particularly bio-inspired and bio-based polymers that will set the tone for new possibilities. Cohen Stuart has been involved in DPI research for many years and his knowledge in the field of biopolymers is of added value for the expansion of bio-inspired and bio-based polymers.

AkzoNobel Science Award
This year Martien Cohen Stuart was the recipient of the prestigious AkzoNobel Science Award for his work on the physical chemistry of soft condensed material. He also leads the working group at FOM (the foundation for fundamental materials research) and is a member of KNAW (the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science).

The Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) is a public-private collaborative foundation that was founded in 1997 to carry out pre-competitive research into polymers and their applications, linking scientific knowledge with the industrual need for innovation. The result is added value for universities in the form of scientific publications and for companies in the form of intellectual property. Some two hundred researchers (PhD and Post-Doc) are currently working on DPI projects incorporated within knowledge institutes all over the world. The Minister of Economic Affairs has approved the Polymer Innovation Programme 2008-2015, which means for the Dutch Polymer Institute a begin for the ambitious programme, characterised by sustainability, quality of life and economic growth.

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