Networking event China

21 November 2013

On 20 and 21 November DPI organises a Networking Event in Shanghai, China. This event ‘New Perspectives in Collaborative Polymer Innovation' is hosted by Teijin Aramid Asia at their premises in Shanghai. DPI is organising this Pilot Event jointly with International Top Talent (ITT), SABIC and Teijin Aramid Asia with the aim of broadening the Chinese academic network of DPI and its industrial partners and generating ideas for unique international research collaborations between DPI, DPI's industrial partners and Chinese universities. In this way we hope to bring together ideas and expertise from industry and academia in order to boost polymer innovation for our partners.

New Perspectives in Collaborative Polymer Innovation

DPI and its industrial partners are increasingly pursuing technological breakthroughs that enable polymer innovations to meet global (consumer) demands. A strong global network of polymer experts is key for achieving these innovations. We seek to collaborate with research partners in China to leverage knowledge in relevant fields and expand existing networks. At the same time, China's research institutes and companies are also searching for tools to address the challenges posed by the exponential growth in demand for polymers in recent years. This event will address the key question: How can we leverage industrial and academic knowledge to drive polymer innovations?