Microdrop first basic participant DPI

17 August 2010

This summer the German small- and medium sized enterprise (SME) Microdrop became the first ‘basic participant' of the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI). DPI noticed that more and more SMEs are willing to participate within the worldwide network. Therefore DPI introduced two participation possibilities for SMEs.

The two new ways to participate are called 'basic participation' and 'group participation', next to the regular 'full participation'. A single SME can participate through a basic participation. This means they have insights in the network, projects and intellectual property but have no voting rights. When more than one SME wants to participate, they can participate as a group. Two or three SMEs participate as a group in the same way as a larger company does. The two or three companies have insights in the network, projects, intellectual property and also one vote in the Programme Committee of the Technology Area they participate in.

DPI is pleased to see Microdrop as the first basic participant. It shows how much companies appreciate and benefit from the DPI network. The SMEs are also very valuable for the network of DPI. Our partners feel they have a higher innovative capacity and form an important factor in the technology transfer. We can only stress this feeling says Jacques Joosten, Managing Director of DPI.

Microdrop Technologies GmbH, established in 2005, is the leading provider of equipment, software and services for advanced microdispensing and inkjet printing applications. The technology from microdrop is a versatile tool for liquid handling and material deposition. The team of skilled engineers and technicians guarantees the best solution for applications in Microtechnology, Nanotechnology, Material Science, biochemistry and medicine as well as Plastic Electronics.

The SME participates in the Technology Area of High Throughput Experimentation. In this complex research area of automated formulation and synthesis, the handling and printing of the synthesised liquids plays an important role. The investigation of inkjet technology for printing and coating of these materials is a tremendous task. In the co-operation between Microdrop and DPI, R & D efforts have an extremely positive impact on all markets, applications and products of Microdrop‟s technology.