Hybrid materials workshop

27 January 2010

Join a 2-day workshop with scientists, material manufacturers and end users and discuss the enabling role and contribution of hybrid, novel materials based on polymers.

Why attend?
Scientific research and innovations by chemical manufacturers have revolutionized the process ability and functionality of materials and often involved hybrid materials based on polymers. However, parties at the end of the value chain -the users of the material- also often have clear expectations towards the material properties that enable step changes in their specific segment of industry and society.

Gaining a good understanding of end users' wishes for material properties is a crucial step for manufacturers and designers. Such input might pertain to the quality of materials, special properties of the materials or even combinations of materials that have not yet been produced.

The goal of the workshop is to define future research needs: a full value chain approach is needed to achieve a faster and more effective link between enabling industries and end-user requirements.

The format:
Plenary sessions and interactive workshops focusing on five areas:
• Automotive
• Solar energy
• Solid State Lighting
• Civil engineering
• Aviation / aerospace.

Programme and registration