Hot paper

29 November 2006

Every two months, ISI Essential Science Indicators Web product lists a new crop of what it calls hot papers in science. Hot papers are selected by virtue of being cited among the top one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) in a current bimonthly period. Papers are selected in each of 22 fields of science and must be published within the last two years. Because the hot papers are updated every two months, new papers are added with every update, and Special Topics tracks these new additions.

This time an article written by Jeroen van Duren in close cooperation is selected, see

Title: Relating the morphology of a poly(p-)phenylene vinylene/methanofullerene blends to solar cell performance

The performance of bulk-heterojunction solar cells based on a phase-separated mixture of donor and acceptor materials is known to be critically dependent on the morphology of the active layer. Here we use a combination of techniques to resolve the morphology of spin cast films of poly(p-phenylene vinylene)/methanofullerene blends in three dimensions on a nanometer scale and relate te results to the performance of solar cells....