DPI starts DPI Value Centre

2 August 2007

DPI has started a Value Centre with financial support from Brainport, a regional economic development organization. The Centre will focus on technostarters and SMEs that are actively involved in innovation in the field of polymers and plastics. It will collaborate with the DPI partners and other renowned organizations with experience in innovation in the region, such as Syntens, Incubator 3+, United Brains, TechnoPartner, kunststoffland NRW (Germany) and VCK (Belgium).

The DPI Value Centre's activities will include the following:

  • Supporting new and existing companies by coaching them, developing their business and facilitating their feasibility studies and development projects
  • Pooling the interests of polymer producers or processors and translating these into new research or development projects
  • Setting up and managing consortia of companies and knowledge institutes to jointly conduct research or development following a partner's pre-competitive research
  • Setting up cross-border partnerships within the Meuse-Rhine euroregion
  • Stimulating the build-up and transfer of knowledge between companies and knowledge institutes at various levels

For more information please contact Arie Brouwer  

Tel. 31 40 247 41 61