DPI publications have very high citation impact

26 March 2008

According to the latest report of the Netherlands Observatory of Science and Technology (NOWT), DPI has a very high citation impact: "The Dutch Polymer Institute scores highly, with an impact that is twice the world average".

Every two years, NOWT (funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) publishes an analysis of scientific publications issued by Dutch scientific institutes. The 2008 analysis is the first to include the Dutch Polymer Institute. DPI is mentioned in particular for its high citation impact (see report page 49- in Dutch). All DPI publications are "co-productions".

The analysis also includes DPI partners: the Dutch universities, TNO (Netherlands organization for applied scientific research) and the industrial partners AkzoNobel, DSM, Philips and Shell. Philips is assigned a high score, with an impact factor that is more than 60% above the world average. The impact of publications by DSM (no co-productions) is also remarkably high: 100% above the world average.

Over the last few years DPI has made a strong case for improving the quality of scientific publications. Under the chairmanship of former Scientific Director Thijs Michels, the DPI Scientific Reference Committee has reviewed the DPI publications of the past few years. "DPI is proud of the result it has achieved as it is DPI's ambition to strive for scientific excellence. This is in line with our strategy to continue this policy in the years to come".

Jacques Joosten
Managing Director

Source: NOWT report, March 2008

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