DPI launches new polymer research programme

14 December 2015

DPI (Dutch Polymer Institute) is to continue its activities in a new format. The Supervisory Board of DPI, comprising representatives of DPI's industrial partners SABIC, Shell and Teijin Aramid and academic partners Delft University of Technology and Groningen University and chaired by Dr. Herman van Wechem, unanimously supports the continuation of DPI. This means that the institute can continue to fulfil its key role as an international platform for industry-driven polymer research and go on stimulating innovation and talent development.

In addition to polymer producers and processors, DPI will now also collaborate with partners from other segments of the polymer value chain, such as industrial end-users of polymeric materials. This will enable the institute to make an even better contribution to the conversion of knowledge into real market value. In the new setup DPI will be better placed to seize the opportunities offered by public funding programmes such as Horizon 2020. Various international companies are participating in the new DPI programme. The main programme will be funded by these companies. In addition, the institute will continue to utilise subsidies and other funding opportunities.

Dr. Herman van Wechem: "The members of the Supervisory Board have unanimously approved the plan for the continuation of DPI. They clearly recognise the importance of safeguarding a proven and internationally acclaimed platform for industrially relevant research on polymers."

For the past 18 years, DPI's pre-competitive research programme has helped to build and maintain a strong knowledge infrastructure through industrial-academic collaboration. Dr. Jacques Joosten, managing director of DPI: "We are very happy that our industrial partners continue to recognise DPI's strengths in supporting industrial innovation and competence development in polymers and in ensuring a sustained supply of competently trained scientists for both industry and academia."

The new programme will focus on research areas that are important to DPI's industrial partners and will address different polymers as well as the applications of these polymers using a multidisciplinary approach. DPI will continue to work on competence building in these areas through its collaboration with leading polymer science groups at universities across the world.

Innovation and competence development in polymers will play an increasingly important role in sustainable development and in addressing industrial as well as societal challenges, such as raw materials utilisation, materials reuse and climate control. By pooling resources, companies can jointly work on new developments for the future that extend beyond their individual innovation portfolios.