DPI launches initiative to explore full circularity of flexible plastic packaging

6 August 2018

DPI is seeking to team up with its industrial partners in the field of polyolefins (PO) to launch a programme of activities aimed at exploring the technical and economic feasibility of achieving full circularity of flexible plastic packaging. The DPI polyolefins community, consisting of large multinationals with a global presence, represents an ideal base for launching such an initiative, which may prove to have pivotal impact on future developments.

As a key element of this initiative, DPI envisages a focused polyolefins recycling programme covering both mechanical and chemical recycling. This will lead to a better understanding of the scientific and technological principles underlying PO-based materials and their use and enable the breakthroughs needed for achieving full circularity.

Having consulted both industry stakeholders and academic researchers, DPI is convinced that working towards full circularity will require a focused and collective effort, with industry as the main driver.

In order to secure commitment for this initiative and to jointly shape a dedicated programme of activities, DPI is organising a Polyolefins Circularity Workshop on 11 October 2018 for the companies participating in the DPI polyolefins research programme.