DPI Fellowship Programme

12 May 2009

In order to maintain international top level science and education in the Netherlands, Dutch Universities want to attract talented polymer Post-Doc researchers and prepare them for a polymer-related professor position. To this aim DPI stimulates the formation of new academic polymer-related chairs via a new initiative, the DPI Fellowship Programme.

The University nominates a researcher with an excellent scientific track record for the DPI Fellowship Programme via the DPI Executive Board after they committed to support this person towards a polymer-related chair. In the operational execution the Executive Board of DPI, on behalf of all stakeholders' interest, takes the initiative to submit candidates for this Programme. The scientific quality of the potential fellows is evaluated by external peer reviewers and by the PC of Corporate Research. The role of the Corporate PC is to formulate a granting advice to the Supervisory Board on the candidates and the projects emphasizing the scientific quality and provide the Supervisory Board with an advice to grant or not to grant the DPI Fellow/projects. The Supervisory Board decides on the DPI Fellows/projects. The DPI Fellows will also be given a prominent role within the DPI community.

Currently, we have initiated a pilot based on a limited budget for the DPI Fellowship Programme.
For more information on this topic please contact Monique Bruining.