DPI Annual Meeting

28 November 2011

On 15 and 16 November DPI organised its Annual Meeting. This year the meeting was organised in Zeist, the Netherlands and was hosted by Teijin Aramid and AkzoNobel. 160 participants of DPI attended this event.

During the meeting several presentations with the theme ‘Towards new polymer materials' were given, they all had excellent scientific quality. The speakers of 15 November were:

  • Martien Cohen Stuart - Scientific Director of DPI
  • Jacques Joosten - Managing Director of DPI
  • Costantino Creton - Professor of Material Science at ESPCI
  • Joris Sprakel - Assistant professor at Wageningen University
  • Sanjay Rastogi - Principal Scientist at Teijin Aramid
  • Lambert van Breemen - Assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Doros Theodorou - Professor of Computational Polymer Science at National Technical University of Athens
  • Marc Lemmers - PhD student in Physical Chemistry at Wageningen University
  • Gareth Crapper - Innovation Manager at AkzoNobel


Their presentations can be found on the DPI intranet.

During the afternoon session we also had three outstanding presentations by the three nominees of the Golden Thesis Award: Anna Khalyavina, Inge van der Meulen and Paulina Skrzezewska. After the presentations the jury deliberated and chose Anna Khalyavina as the winner of the Golden Thesis Award.

The poster prizes were granted during the conference dinner at Slot Zeist. Vladimir Dimitrovic was granted the third prize and the second prize was granted to Jorge Vieyra. The first poster prize was granted to the runner up of the past two years, Nicole Franssen.

The jury admitted it was a very difficult task to put together a Top Three as all the posters were of excellent quality.

During the evening also the Certificates of Inventions were granted to 42 researchers.

On Wednesday 16 November DPI organised together with DPI Value Centre the third Polymer Innovation day. This year with the theme: ‘Join the polymer innovation highway'. Almost 300 people gathered to share their stories about this theme.

Preceding the Annual Meeting DPI organised the Young DPI day. This day is meant for all researchers that started on a DPI project in the past academic year. The goal of the day is to get to know each other and to get to know DPI. The day ended with a course in ‘the art of letting go'.

Click here to view a selection of pictures of the day.

More pictures of the three days can be found on the DPI intranet.