DPI and M2i to collaborate on composites research programme

16 September 2014

he Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) and the Materials Innovation Institute M2i, two of the technological top institutes in the Netherlands, have been asked by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Top Sectors of Chemicals and High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) to jointly set up a research programme in fibre-reinforced polymer matrix composites. The research programme is intended to start before the end of this year.  


This is the first time that these two institutes, together with their industrial and academic partners, will be setting up a joint research programme. The research will focus on the technological and scientific aspects of composites as well as on the application of these materials in practice. Composites are used in a variety of fields, including automotive, aerospace engineering and civil engineering. The new research programme will link up with the competences of the two institutes and as such will cover the entire chain from polymer synthesis via composite design and construction to end-of-life reuse.