Call for Proposals New Polymer Materials (NEWPOL)

1 July 2015

Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) and NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) have jointly published a Call for Proposals for academic research in the field of new polymer materials. The New Polymers technology area (TA-NEWPOL) is a public-private partnership programme developed in close collaboration between NWO and DPI, which acts as the private partner representing its industrial partner base.

The TA-NEWPOL research programme is aimed at the development of new polymer materials through cross-fertilisation among different disciplines and research fields. The cross-fertilisation is meant to boost the chance of breakthrough innovations, for example through the combination of polymer chemistry and concepts from supramolecular chemistry and/or soft matter science. This could include concepts such as specific, reversible interactions and self-organisation at different length scales. The new polymer materials are expected to meet the societal and industrial need for sustainability and multifunctionality.

The budget available for this call is approx. M€ 1.4, of which approx. M€0.95 will be contributed by NWO and approx. M€ 0.45 by DPI. Academic researchers may submit proposals until 10 September 2015.

More information and submitting proposals, click here.