Circular Plastics Conference 2021

Circular Plastics Conference 2021

4 February 2021 - 4 February 2021

Research and developments on the recycling of plastic are evolving rapidly. It is time to come together and share our experiences and perspectives. It is time to join forces and identify the relevant steps needed to come to a 100% circular system in 2050.

Join the Circular Plastics Conference 2021 to share and discuss research, developments and opportunities related to the recycling of plastic applications.

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Connecting the circular plastic community
In a series of online sessions, the latest technological, regulatory, and socio-economic developments and outlooks will be presented by top experts. Participants are involved actively to share their expertise and the hurdles they face.  

Next to the online sessions, the Circular Plastic Conference connects the community through an online platform with Q&A sessions, networking facilities, and short pitches on the latest research by PhD and Post-Doc researchers. On the platform, companies also have the opportunity to feature their products and innovations on the online marketplace. 

This event is initiated by the partners in the Circular Plastics Initiative, boosting circularity in plastics on an industrial scale. The Initiative is founded by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology and DPI – The Polymer Research Platform. Co-organizers of the Conference are Ceflex, Plastics Europe and TNO.



Looking back on the April 29 sessions: Good sorting and broad cooperation to make plastics circular
Outcome of the April 8 sessions: All players have to play their part in making plastics circular
Report of the March 18 sessions: Improving the recycling process: the need of working from an end market perspective
Results of the February 25 sessions: A long way to go to achieve a fully circular system
•   Lessons learned at the first session of the Circular Plastics Conference 2021: Dedicated collaboration is needed in realizing a full circular plastics society